Filtering your water can change its taste for the better. Most homes in America have what is known as hard water. Hard water has a somewhat rotten egg taste and smell to it because of all the minerals that are in the liquid. There are a lot of minerals and molecules in hard water which gives it a stale and disgusting taste. Just try making coffee or an iced beverage using this type of water and you will find out really Continue reading

Are you the type of person who enjoys coffee for its rich, robust taste as opposed to relying on it for energy and focus? If so, then you most likely drink decaf coffee, which has the same taste as caffeinated coffee but does not result in the crazy energy spikes. However, if you currently buy all of your decaf coffee from your local cafe, you are probably grossly overpaying to feed your love for coffee. As a way of saving money and being able to enjoy the convenience of making your own coffee from home Continue reading

Offering your guests coffee is hospitable and thoughtful. To keep all your visitors happy, have these different types on hand at home.

Colombian Coffee

This popular choice is considered one of the world’s finest types of coffee. Known for its bitter taste and strong aroma, Colombian coffee is a must-have at home.

Brazilian Coffee

The flavor of this coffee is more sweet and mild than Colombian coffee because it is grown in lowland areas.

Costa Rican Coffee

A favorite of Europeans, coffee from Costa Rica has a fruiter flavor and is a perfect choice for breakfast.

Guatemalan Continue reading

So you’ve spent the better part of the morning with homeproImprovement deciding on just what you’re going to do around the house. You have the money. You have the tools. What else do you need? How about a good cup of coffee?

No joke, coffee is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to whatever home improvement project you decide to tackle. It can energize and invigorate the mind – two things you need to accomplish a project and, most important of all, stay safe doing it.

On the construction site, a lot of dudes prefer the dark roast blends – anything with a real, potent kick to it. These are usually the kinds that taste rich and full-bodied without all the unnecessary sugars and milks. Have a cup or two of that and you won’t have to worry about the hammer missing the nail or missing a step when you’re doing work around the house.

You might think it sounds a little dopey needing coffee during construction and home improvement, but there is no better time to be focused and alert. Coffee helps with these things, keeping you safe and helping you finish the job. Whether it’s putting in a skylight, a railing or a window.

Coffee lovers come in all types and styles. You have some people who truly prefer buying already ground coffee as they enjoy the traditional taste of the pre-ground varieties found commercially and readily available, The ease of use and low cost of many ground coffees make them tried and true standby favorites for many.

This group, however, is in contrast top those who believe only the best coffee is that which is brewed from freshly ground beans. The aroma that is expelled when grinding beans gives one a sense of joy, and makes that first cup one Continue reading

When you take the time to buy quality coffee beans, it only makes sense to store them properly. Storing coffee beans properly ensures that the beans are kept fresh. Storing coffee beans correctly also guarantees a great fresh cup of coffee every time. The proper way to store coffee beans is in an air tight container with a rubber seal and locking lid. Storing beans in this manner protects the oils of the beans, which protects the Continue reading

When it comes to a morning routine, a lot of people include coffee in it. Though everyone likes their coffee different, a lot of people can agree that they prefer fresh coffee beans as opposed to store bought coffee ground mix.

Now, if you’re looking to roast your own coffee beans for complete freshness, here are some ways you can benefit from doing so:

Fresher: A lot of people roast their own coffee beans in order to get the freshest coffee possible. Not only does Continue reading

A good cup of hot and fresh coffee is a pleasure for most people. From that first morning cup to help wake you up to the one you have before you retire for the evening. Coffee is a beverage that comes in so many various flavors, strengths, brews and blends; it is often times hard to find one that truly meets you varying needs. This is why you can use whole beans and craft together your own unique and distinctly personalized blends of coffee so that you can modify and tweak the coffee you drink.

You Continue reading

There are just some mornings we can’t get started. We want to lie in bed and forget about the day. These are the days in which those dark roast coffee blends are perfect.

The deep sensual aroma itself seems to help our eyes to open. They tease our sense of smell and make us lip our lips in anticipation for that first smooth taste.

The sight of that deep dark liquid makes our eyes open even more, as we pour the coffee into our favorite mug or Continue reading